Timetable World Cup

Friday 27/09/2019

Arrival of the Judges and International Skaters

12.00-14.00             Registration and ID card control

16.00                       Registration and ID card control (last arrive)

17.30                        Judge Meeting


13.30-16.30               30min. Training with music Short Program

16.30-18.10                20min. Training with music Tot, Mini, Espoir

18.15-18.45                Opening Ceremony

19.00-22.30             Competition Short Program

Saturday 28/09/2019

09.00-10.00             10min. Training for Tot, Mini and Espoir

10.00-14.00              Competition Tot, Mini and Espoir

14.00-16.00              20min. Training From Cadet to Senior

16.00-21.00              Competition Long Program

21.00                        Awards Ceremony

21.30                        Gala + Closing Ceremony

Sunday 29/09/2019

09.00-10.00             10min. Training for all beginners categories

10.00-14.10                Competition Beginners B1, B2 and B3

14.15                          Awards Ceremony + Closing Ceremony